Tuna and Yellow Tomato Spaghetti

pasta-tonno-pomodoroIn my opinion with very few good quality ingredients one can prepare stellar dishes! It’s not always necessary to spend hours and hours in the kitchen.
This dish is my personal emergency dish..on those days when the husband calls to say he’ll be home in 10 minutes with a friend!!! I pull out some good quality canned tuna, my favourite Garagnano pasta from the Pastificio Gentile (they now also make it in a whole-grain version) and a yellow tomato conserve.
In a pan lightly fry some garlic in some olive oil and a pinch of chili then add the tuna and the tomato. Cook the spaghetti 2 minutes less than it says on the package rinse it and finish cooking it in the pan with the sauce and serve it right out of the pan. Happy cooking!

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