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  • Cut of Artichoke

    I adore artichokes, 4 years ago I planted 30 plants them in my vegetable garden. It’s a vegetable that doesn’t need much taking care of, very easy to grow. The ...

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  • Bacon basket with a Tuscan flavored salad

    My approach to cooking has radically changed since I started writing my blog. A year ago I was always cooking for friends and family without much attention to the presentation ...

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  • Pesto Quiche

    Pesto quiche is a really light and easy dish to make. Serve it with a green salad. It can be both an appetizer and a main course for those of ...

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  • Tricolored Tramezzini

    A very easy appetizer, delicious and aesthetically pleasing. I often prepare it during the summer served with a nice glass of champagne or white wine. It looks the part, easy ...

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  • Warm Brussels sprouts salad

    I have enjoyed this dish many times in the famous NYC steakhouse called Smith & Wollensky. You may remember it in the movie The Devil Wears Prada, because Miranda’s steak ...

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  • Pecorino and truffle crostini

    A truly historic dish in my household both easy and delicious!!  

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  • Pumpkin Flan with Spicy Squid Salad

    Last summer, in a little restaurant on the Island of Elba I tried this unusual dish that left me speechless. As you all know, I adore the taste of sweet ...

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  • Parmesan Chips

    I may seem a little clichéd…but I adore Parmesan! It’s Delicious, healthy and perfect for a vast amount of recipes. Wherever you add it, it fits in perfectly! Just as ...

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  • Bresaola roses

    Today I offer you a flower or better a rose … a light and tasty roll that looks like a rose, perfect to to start your lunch or dinner with a ...

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  • chefonhighheels biscotti spinaci

    Spinach biscotti

    Biscuits also known in Italian, as biscotti are something I simply cannot resist! I adore them so much that I have often thought: “Who says that they have to be ...

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  • chefonhighheels crostino salsiccia e stracchino

    Stracchino and Sausage Crostini

    How many times have you had last minute guests or just feel like giving an appetizing twist to your lunches or dinners? Do not despair; there is always a solution ...

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  • chefonhighheels pinzimonio


    The Pinzimonio is one of my favorite ways to start a meal. The fresh taste of the vegetables together with some quality oil (Italian of course!), what more can one ...

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Main courses

Side dishes


  • chefonhighheels salsa melanzana

    Aubergine and Tomato sauce

    Aubergine is a marvelous vegetable that is commonly found in our vegetable gardens around the end of August and September. Everybody knows the dishes parmigiana di melanzana and the delicious ...

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  • chefonhighheels peperoncino

    Chilli sauce

    I adore Chilli, don’t tell anyone but I would put it in everything!!! How can one resist their spicy taste and their gaudy hues?!? In addition to being delicious they ...

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  • Apple Strudel

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  • Mixed berries cheesecake

    I don’t think this sweet needs much introduction. We all love a cheesecake and there are a trillion recipes…you just need to find the one you like the most! Variety ...

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  • Austrian plum pie with crumble

    This sweet is part of my childhood memories and since becoming a mother it often comes back into my mind. My grandmother used to make it and in Austria it’s ...

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  • Mojito Semifreddo

    It’s fascinating how such a simple recipe is loved by everyone. A little sweet and a little alcoholic. In other words a fun dish that creates a good scene!  

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  • Lemon pound cake


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  • Charlotte’s Oranges

    This also happens to be an Austrian dish; they do say the best desserts come from the Austro-Hungarian region. This is one of the many recipes from the Hotel Sacher ...

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  • Kaiserschmarren

    Well what can I say these chalet evenings have revived my Austrian side! This is a famous Austrian dish of sweet pancakes that take the name from the Austrian emperor ...

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  • Montebianco

    “The only dessert that is truly worth committing sin for” This is the famous affirmation of Ferruccio Ferragamo who also adds “obviously followed by a 50km bike ride!!” A delight ...

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  • Lemon and Basil sorbet

    Similar to the Sgroppino, a really delicious interlude that refreshes the taste buds between first and second courses. The basil compliments the lemon flavor and I am mad about! Chop ...

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  • Nutella and chestnut cream puff pastry

    A beautiful and delicious recipe! You need: 2 sheets of puff pastry Nutella spread chestnut cream Cut the puff pastry into 2 circles. Spread the first one with the Nutella ...

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  • Pear Tart

    This is a very special recipe as it’s from a person very dear to me…Erika, our lifelong Brazilian nanny. She loved cooking deserts and she made lots with my children…some ...

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  • Scroppino

    In Italy fish is always served with a Sgroppino! It refreshes your palate between courses with different flavors. It’s always a great breather appreciated by guests and useful to women ...

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  • My Tarte Tatin

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  • Chocolate Brownies

    Chocolate, walnuts, butter: is there anything more delicious and inviting than brownies?!? They make you want to eat it them just by looking at them and will win you over ...

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  • chefonhighheels Budino yogurt greco con frutti di bosc

    Berry and Greek Yoghurt Pudding

    Us women love our food but are also aware of our diet! Yep, when one cooks for girlfriends its important to unify taste and slim figure. But that doesn’t mean ...

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  • Strawberry Cream

    And at last time for dessert…how could we be missing dessert in a kids dedicated menu?!? For the occasion I chose a very fresh, tasty dish based on a delicious ...

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