As you know I am a huge fan of rice. We eat it in a variety of ways at least twice a week because I often prefer it to pasta. I like it as a risotto, salad, plain white or fried. In the past few months I have posted 3 different recipes of rice that you can find here below:

risotti2Pear and Pecorino Risotto, the recipe here
risotti3Black rice Venere Risotto, the recipe here
risotti4White Zucchini Risotto, the recipe here

risotti Today I wanted to share another very special recipe that has had a huge success with my family (I always use them for my experiments..poor things!).
Lightly fry a shallot with some finely chopped celery so they can completely melt during the cooking process. Then whisk the rice in the pan tingeing with a small glass of red wine.
Using a juice extractor prepare 500ml of beet juice that you will use to cook the rice instead of using stock. When nearly cooked add some salt and a little stock if it needs it, a nut of butter and 100g of grated Pecorino cheese. Allow to rest for a few minutes and serve. For a dinner party you can fry a little red onion and use to decorate the dish.

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