Red Cabbage

cavolo-verza cavolo-verza2

I have always adored cabbage from being a little girl. It’s very sweet and the color is spectacular when its raw as you can see in the picture. It looks just like a modern painting and when it’s cooked it becomes all purple. When I first arrived in Italy 17 years ago I couldn’t find red cabbage. It’s typically a wintery vegetable from the North. But as the years passed by and with the new influences of the macrobiotic and vegan diets, bit-by-bit they began to emerge even in our supermarkets! It’s a pity that here in Italy it’s not cooked much. It’s often served as a salad, which doesn’t render it justice or boiled which is even worse!
I have decided therefore to share my grandmother’s recipe with you: lightly fry a nice big red onion and a peeled apple chopped into little cubes. Cut half a head of cabbage finely as you would if you were serving it as a salad and add it to the pan. Add a tinge of red wine and add 500ml of vegetable stock. Prick 5 cloves into half an onion and cook on medium heat for 45 minutes until the cabbage is soft. Remove the onion pricked with cloves and season with salt and chili to taste.
It is often served with game, and for vegetarians or vegans I would recommend serving it with some white basmati rice.

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