Mushroom Soufflé

At this time of the year our kitchens are overflowing with porcini mushrooms, one of the most delicious and fragrant ingredients! This year, in Italy, they are particularly fabulous due to the large amount of heavy rain. I adore porcini mushrooms and I often eat them raw dressed with some lemon and Parmesan cheese, but today I wanted to propose something different from the usual risotto or pasta dish. This recipe comes from my aunt Giovanna. All women fear the soufflé because the cooking process is quite terrifying (it reminds me of Audrey Hepburn in the movie Sabrina, when she goes to Paris on a Cordonbleu course and of course her soufflé never rises!) The secret of a soufflé is only a question of time. Try it out and I’m sure you will appreciate this delicious and scenographic dish.


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