Cut of Artichoke

I adore artichokes, 4 years ago I planted 30 plants them in my vegetable garden. It’s a vegetable that doesn’t need much taking care of, very easy to grow. The nly thing it needs is water, running water that is, so for this reason I recommend you plant it in a terrain that is slightly on a slope so it can drain the excess water.

8 Artichokes
1 Lemon
Oil, salt, pepper and Parmesan flakes

Before rinsing the artichokes prepare some water with some squeezed lemon.
Eliminate all the external layers until you reach the light green ones because the outer layer have very hard leaves and are not that good to eat raw. Cut the artichoke hearts into very thin slices.

Season with salt, pepper and some good olive oil and serve with some parmesan flakes on top.
I adore this place I would eat a ton of it!!

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