Prosciutto vs. Patanegra

prosciuttoThe italians have an eternal fight ongoing!!! For ones we are not talking about soccer… we are talking about prosciutto.
So I went and tasted the top ones from the regions in question !!!
Prosciutto Pratomagno Tuscan traditional: very salty and less raw then the others, and quite good if we take in consideration that tuscan bread is without any salt!
Cinta senese: it’s a different kind of pig, gray color, comes from the Siena area, the meat is fater and the nutrition is the finest. The result is an aftertaste of nuts and wood… just lovely.
Parma DOP: well without any doupt it is very nice, very raw and with his caracteristic sweet taste!
Do you want to know which one is the best ???
Sorry Italy because the winner is Spain…Patanegra forever!

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