Organic food straight to your doorstep

verdure-domicilioOften my husband and I get asked what we think real luxury is. We both agree and despite the baffled faces,we answer that nowadays, real luxury is to eat healthily. Not everyone is able to have a vegetable garden or chickens in their back yard nor the financial ability to always buy good quality food.
Luckily, in the past few years’ things have changed and in italy we are fortunate enough to still have delicious fruit and vegetables even in the supermarkets. But if you wish to go even one step futher, just go onto safari and search for organic deliveries in your hometown and you will see they are now everywhere.
The price for 5kg is around 20 Euros. And for the lucky few of you that live in Florence, Il Borro has just launched an organic vegetable basket delivery every Friday and soon on another day of the week as well. It’s so easy via the Internet www.ortodelborro.it and I highly recommend you organize this kind of service as you will notice a huge difference in the taste of your vegetables

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