Little Vivia’s Menu

Cooking for me is my true passion, even more so when I cook for people that are dear to me. One of the things that I have always liked most about cooking is the ability to unite people and create a festive spirit. There is nothing nicer than gathering around a dinner table all together and enjoy all the delicious dishes prepared whilst enjoying the company of friends and family. Wouldn’t you agree?

Today I’m presenting a Menu created for Little Vivia, daughter of a dear friend of mine. A real challenge for me as the little girl is allergic to gluten and needs a specific kind of nutrition. Definitely trickier, but not for this reason less tasty or well prepared. Thus Little Vivia’s Menu!


“f you know well, you can cook well” – Ferran Adrià

menu e avatar-specialità bambini-2-ENG

Add a touch of sophistication to your dinner table and surprise your guests.Download the printable menu HERE!