Lat minute Rice!

Last night at the last minute a few friends stopped by for dinner. All the shops were closed. Panic! And the usual question…what will I cook? I opened the fridge and found some cooked vegetables and some leftover rice from the children’s dinner. There’s the first course covered! I dressed the leftover rice with some Parmesan cheese and shaped it with biscuit moulds in a nonstick pan. I sliced two peppers fresh from our vegetable garden, then I added them to the pan with the rest of the cooked vegetables and cooked them together for around 20 minutes, turning over the molded rice at half time and for the last 10 minutes I added some sliced cherry tomatoes. When the peppers are cooked and the rice mini cakes are crisp on both sides place them in a serving dish.


You can decorate with a little chopped up parsley and add a pinch of chili to the vegetables for those who enjoy a bit of spice.


You may use some fun child friendly moulds to entertain the little ones like bears, boats or stars!

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