Ham and cheese roulards


I’ve been noticing recently these marvelous roulards with cheese, bacon or ham, eggs, herbs and other variations on the web, so last Saturday I decided to try a very simple variation with ham and Fontina cheese and I have to say the whole family loved it.
Obviously I had to promise I would make them very soon as an after school snack!!
So ladies listen up because it’s really super easy. Buy or if you have the time prepare some puff pastry cut it into 4cm slices and lay them on top of half slices of some good quality Fontina cheese or Scamorza cheese then add the sliced ham and roll them up and put into a muffin mould. Bake for 30 minutes in a preheated oven at 180 degrees Celsius. For those who don’t eat meat there is a smoked salmon version that is equally delicious. Make sure you only use a little salmon because it’s very salty and if you make them smaller they’re ideal to serve as a starter or aperitif.

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