I’m sure you’ve noticed from the pictures I’m posting that I’m preparing for the scariest party of the year! Here are some recipes with a guaranteed success:

Spaghetti spiders
Hotdog Mummies
Bloody hotdog fingers

To prepare the spiders you only need a few hotdogs that you will chop into little rounds and spaghetti to make the spider legs. Put the raw spaghetti into the hotdog wheels and cook them as you normally would. Serve them with a simple tomato sauce that will look just like blood!

Mummies are made with hotdogs and pizza dough. They are so simple to do you can make them with your kids! To make the arms and legs all you need to do is cut the hotdog as in the picture and then roll strings of dough around them. To decorate the dish cut some cheese with some fun scary moulds.

Last but not least my bloody hotdog fingers. It’s really easy! Slice off half the top of the bun and half the top of the hotdog and slide the hotdog into the bun putting a raisin in the indent to look like a nail and lots of ketchup in the sandwich to look like blood! For those who prefer the burger to the hotdog you can put the cheese face moulds over the burger as in the picture so even your burger is ready for the scariest party of the year!

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