Dark chocolate covered oranges with caramelized peels

aranceA few months ago I prepared some dark chocolate covered oranges with caramelized peels that were exceptional, really easy and quick to make and delicious and can be combined with so many things. For example as you will see in the picture they can simply be eaten just as they are dipped in some dark chocolate, on top of a chocolate cake, with some vanilla or chocolate ice-cream, with some fresh cheese like Ricotta but also with a seasoned cheese like Stilton..basically you can let your imagination run wild. Its important that you use organic oranges as you will mainly be eating the peel. For those who can’t remember the recipe you slice one or more oranges in similar length and width then melt 4 Tbsp of sugar in a little water and allow the peels to cook inside the melted sugar for 15 minutes then remove and serve.

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