Cooked pears in red wine

pera-vino-rossoI love cooked pears in wine. 1) Because it fills the house with Christmassy scents and 2) Because it’s both a light and elegant dessert at the same time and if you can serve it at an important dinner with some liquid egg custard cream known in Italy as Zabaione or with some melted chocolate like I did or both! I’ll leave this decision up to you!

The preparation is quite easy: heat 300ml of red wine in a saucepan, 200ml of blood red orange juice better still if its freshly squeezed, 100/200g of sugar (it depends on the sweetness of the oranges), 5 cloves, 2 aniseeds, 1 cinnamon stick and if you have any, some cardamom.
Those of you who live in the North must know this recipe quite well because it’s the same one to make Vin Brule. It should be quite easy for you to find those kind of teabags that you add in to give that extra flavor to your wine.

Bring the wine to the boil and add 4 peeled pears and allow them to boil on a very low heat for around 15 minutes. Remove and allow the wine to reduce filtrated by the spices until obtaining a syrupy consistency that you will pour over the pears at the last minute.

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