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Nonna Ta’s Topini (little mice)

There are recipes that in a quick and easy way can turn simple ingredients (but not for this reason less appetizing) into something delicious. This is one of those recipes. Spinach meets Ricotta cheese and gives life to a delightful dish that is both light and low in calories and is often a hit with […]

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Spinach biscuits

I simply cannot resist biscuits! I adore them to the point I have often thought: “Who says they have to be sweet??” For this reason I made a recipe for savory biscuits full of vegetables and flavors perfect as an appetizer or just a snack. I’m sure you won’t be able to resist them, and […]

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Red Cabbage

I have always adored cabbage from being a little girl. It’s very sweet and the color is spectacular when its raw as you can see in the picture. It looks just like a modern painting and when it’s cooked it becomes all purple. When I first arrived in Italy 17 years ago I couldn’t find […]

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Organic food straight to your doorstep

Often my husband and I get asked what we think real luxury is. We both agree and despite the baffled faces,we answer that nowadays, real luxury is to eat healthily. Not everyone is able to have a vegetable garden or chickens in their back yard nor the financial ability to always buy good quality food. […]

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Veggie quiche

Well, well thank you everybody for all the likes. I think that must mean you liked it, and in fact this veggie quiche is very good. To make them you need: – anykind of veggie you like, I used aubergines, zucchini, carrots and peppers (those two are precooked!!) and you make fine slices. – pasta […]

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Easy and delicious eggplants

I want to share this recipe with you, its very banal but also healthy and delicious. Find some of those new type of eggplant that are long and purple with fine black lines. The main difference is they have very fewer seeds and they’re in season at the moment; at least my greengrocer assures me. […]

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Vegetable quiche

At times one runs out of ideas and doesn’t know what to cook, especially when dealing with guests that are either vegetarian, on a diet or with little appetite and this is where this marvelous dish comes to mind: vegetable quiche! Always a success both for its beauty and its goodness. Lay a roll of […]

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Potato flowers

Potato flowers are my signature dish, everyone loves them because they’re so easy to make and most of all they look the part! To prepare the flowers you need to peel the potatoes and cut them into thin slices. Blend some salt, oil, rosemary, sage and a drop of water. Mix the potatoes with the […]

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chefonhighheels melanzana con pomodoro

Aubergine and Tomato sauce

Aubergine is a marvelous vegetable that is commonly found in our vegetable gardens around the end of August and September. Everybody knows the dishes parmigiana di melanzana and the delicious French Ratatouille. If you are keen on appetizers like me I suggest you try something different from the Arab cuisine, a puree of aubergine delicious […]

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