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Meatloaf with Philadelphia Cheese and Spinach

Meatloaf is a dish that should always be present at a family meal, its great for a luncheon with relatives or a dinner with friends. I prefer the classic meatloaf filled with Philadelphia cheese and spinach, but there are lots of different variations even fish based with vegetables. The preparation requires just a little bit […]

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Roast chicken

People ask me all the time about how they should prepare their chicken, honestly there are one thousand ways of doing it and I still have not found my favorite. I think that depends on the season: in the summer I like it with lemon and light with grilled vegetables and salad, now that it […]

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Fillings to give flavor to any recipes

I love to serve nice appetizers at my meals but sometimes i do not have the time to make complicated dishes so I fill things with cheese or ricotta, it goes well with wine and is fast to make. Credit: @matkonation (3° photo)

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Prosciutto vs. Patanegra

The italians have an eternal fight ongoing!!! For ones we are not talking about soccer… we are talking about prosciutto. So I went and tasted the top ones from the regions in question !!! Prosciutto Pratomagno Tuscan traditional: very salty and less raw then the others, and quite good if we take in consideration that […]

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Bresaola Roses

Here it is a superfast recipe, delicious and spectacular, perfect as a starter. At this link you will find the complete recipe: Bresaola Roses! Bon Appetit! Buon appetito

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