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Thanks to Sarah @food

Well I woke up one morning and when I checked my instagram I saw it !!!! Sarah Phillips @food had regrammed me…. I am so very greatful to her and it’s the best compliment when someone that has such a beautiful feed and so many followers regram you!! And 3000 likes, I am speachless and […]

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Tuna and Yellow Tomato Spaghetti

In my opinion with very few good quality ingredients one can prepare stellar dishes! It’s not always necessary to spend hours and hours in the kitchen. This dish is my personal emergency dish..on those days when the husband calls to say he’ll be home in 10 minutes with a friend!!! I pull out some good […]

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Sesame Tuna

If you have a fishmonger you trust and has some good quality fresh tuna get some for this delicious recipe which is both light and easy to make. Marinate the tuna for maximum 2 hours in lemon, olive oil, crushed garlic and salt. Leave the fish to marinate at room temperature between 18-23 C. (It […]

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Salmon superfood

Let’s not forget that salmon is a super food. I usually prepare it once a week in many different ways. This time I’ve seasoned the salmon with garlic, pepper, salt, lemon and olive oil and then put in the oven at low temperature.

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