Autumn is the month of the mushroom

October is the month of the mushroom. The farmers markets at the moment are full of marvelous porcini mushrooms seen as its been raining a lot this year it has created the ideal climate for their growth. Not only porcini but also many other varieties!
I adore the porcini kind, it’s a constant ingredient in my cuisine, every now and then I also add them to roast potatoes to give it them that extra special flavor. When porcini mushrooms are fresh and in season as they are at the moment, I prefer to eat them in the most natural way possible, pan-fried with garlic and parsley or even raw as a side dish to serve with grilled meat.
Before cooking with them its essential to properly clean them and then cut them into fine slices and then dress them with salt, pepper, lemon and Parmesan cheese flakes as if it were a salad. You may serve this dish both as an appetizer or a side dish. A beautifully presented plate ideally served with beef or chicken.

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