Aubergine and Tomato sauce

melanzana-pomodoroAubergine is a marvelous vegetable that is commonly found in our vegetable gardens around the end of August and September. Everybody knows the dishes parmigiana di melanzana and the delicious French Ratatouille. If you are keen on appetizers like me I suggest you try something different from the Arab cuisine, a puree of aubergine delicious on rice cakes or crostini bread.

Peel a round purple aubergine, as they are the sweetest and have less seeds than the other variety. Cut them in big pieces. In a pan brown two cloves of garlic in a little olive oil. As soon as ready add 100 ml of tomato sauce or a few sweet tomatoes and the aubergine. Allow it to cook until the aubergine is tender. Then put it all through the vegetable mill to remove the leftover seeds and the skin of the tomatoes. You will obtain a wonderful creamy consistency that can be seasoned to taste with salt, chilli, a pinch of sugar and chopped parsley.
Serve on crostini bread or rice cakes or sweet corn cakes together with a nice glass of red wine. Buon Aperitivo!

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